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Free Pattern Archive!

Thank you for visiting my Free Pattern Archive! My free crochet patterns are blog-based and ad-supported, and you will find free basic versions of many of my premium paid patterns here. The difference? These free patterns can only be viewed on my blog, feature ads, and do not have photo instructions. Looking for ad-free printable PDFs with detailed making-of photos? Check out my Premium Pattern Shop!

Several of my free patterns are popular culture inspired designs that I offer at no charge for your enjoyment. These designs are based on copyrighted characters and images, so please make them for your personal use or as gifts only and do not sell the finished items.

Visit my Premium Pattern Shop to view my premium paid crochet patterns.

Pattern Shop Policies

Please do not distribute any of my patterns in full or in part, including the free ones. Instead, you can provide a link for people to visit my website and download them from my shop. You are welcome to sell items made from my Premium patterns, online or in person, but please credit me. Please do not sell finished items made from my pop-culture inspired Free patterns, as they are based on copyrighted characters and images and are intended for personal use only.

If you have any questions about my policies or you want to use one of my patterns for a reason not stated above, you’re welcome to contact me!

Contact Information & Updates​

I’m working hard to add more patterns to the shop, so please check back often to see what’s new. You can also follow me on Instagram (@waywardpineapplecreations) to see my latest projects and pattern announcements, or sign up for my newsletter for updates and special deals.

Visit my Contact Me page and send me an email if you have any questions about my patterns, policies, or crochet in general – I am always happy to help!