Amigurumi for Beginners

by Julia Simpson


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I am so excited to announce that my first crochet book, Amigurumi for Beginners, was published by Rockridge Press on November 1st! The book features 20 adorable Amigurumi animal patterns that are perfect for beginners, plus 29 pages of stitch tutorials and essential techniques for mastering your first Amigurumi projects.

From cute cats to fabulous flamingos, this book has a little something for every kind of animal lover! The projects build your skills as you work through them, starting with simple little Nellie the Nervous Octopus and working up to big and cuddly Fergus the Fun-Loving Fox (one of my personal favourites). As you progress, you will learn skills such as basic spheres and cylinders, flattened 3-dimensional shapes (perfect for wings and ears), and colour changes.

I hope you love Amigurumi for Beginners as much as I loved designing and making all these cuties!

Amigurumi for Beginners was released on November 1st, 2022, and is available now on Amazon.

Learn the Essential Stitches & Tools of Crochet

Learn the fundamentals of crochet with step-by-step stitch tutorials, yarn and hook recommendations, and essential crochet techniques!

Master Amigurumi Assembly and Finishing

Full-colour photo tutorials will walk you through various methods to assemble your Amigurumi into beautiful finished dolls!

20 Adorable Amigurumi Animal Patterns

Develop your skills as you work through 20 beginner-friendly Amigurumi animal patterns, from cats to dogs to flamingos!

a group of cute and colourful crochet stuffed animals, including: snake, owl, seal, turtle, cat, octopus, penguin, frog, bee, raccoon, flamingo, fox, monkey, koala, and panda
a cute stuffed crochet flamingo on a yellow background
a cute stuffed crochet brown dachshund dog on a blue background
a cute stuffed crochet green frog on a pink background

Editorial Reviews

“I'm in love with the book and highly recommend it for amigurumi beginners for a few reasons:

1) You can learn to crochet amigurumi from scratch with Julia's easy-to-follow and very detailed step-by-step instructions.
2) So many special techniques are there to help you master your amigurumi skills while crocheting easy and cute amigurumi creatures.
3) There are so many options of animals in the book to crochet, and you’ll also learn the basic knowledge of forming the shapes that structure the toys so that you can explore deeper in this art after finishing the book!

This is a great option to start your journey of making amigurumi!”
"Amigurumi for Beginners is the perfect first crochet book for yarn artists. Even if you have never picked up a hook, this book will set you on the path to mastering (and loving) crochet. Julia does a brilliant job of teaching the basics of crochet, including finding tools, and basic stitches. Then she helps budding artists use their new skills to create adorable plushies as their very first projects. If you have always wanted to crochet critters, this book will be your guide"
"Creating amigurumi can feel so intimidating (I mean, just saying it is hard enough) but Julia has taken her years of experience as an ami designer and made it possible for even beginning crocheters to whip up adorable crocheted creatures. With clear instructions and photo tutorials, Amigurumi for Beginners will have you hooking up a menagerie, saying, "look what I made," and impressing your friends in no time."

The journey to writing my first crochet book...

Landing my first-ever book deal was both thrilling and terrifying. To be honest, when I first received an email from an Acquisitions Editor at Rockridge Press last summer, I nearly hit delete without reading it. Then I paused and thought, “Wait, this doesn’t look like a normal marketing spam email. I should read this.” And sure enough, it was legit – they had found my work and wanted me to write a beginner Amigurumi book! 

Last Fall passed in a blur of non-stop crocheting, hours of YouTube videos (rental-friendly apartment hacks became my new obsession for a few weeks there), and quite a few trips to the physiotherapist to manage the tendonitis in my wrists. In September, one week before I was due to start work on the book, my wonderful grandmother passed away. It wasn’t a surprise, she was 94 and had lived a full and wonderful life, but she had always been such a presence in my life that it was hard to say goodbye. Perhaps starting the book so soon after was a blessing in some regards, giving me something to focus my energies on – especially knowing how excited she had been for my book.

Grandma taught me to crochet on Christmas Day of 2011 – or at least, she tried. At one point I threw my hook across the room, I was so frustrated with myself! And bear in mind, I was a fully grown adult, not a child… I got there in the end, though, and she was always one of my biggest fans. She saw a couple of prototype dolls and drawings for the book, but I wish I could show her the finished product. I know how proud she would be, and this book is dedicated to her.

So thank you, Grandma, for patiently showing me how to hold my hook and make a basic single crochet in spite of my frustration. I still wrap my yarn and hook my hook the way she taught me that Christmas Day over ten years ago, so clearly something stuck!

And thank you to everyone else who has been a part of my crochet journey these past 10+ years, and who has supported me as I developed my business and wrote my first book. Friends, family, the crochet community… I couldn’t have done it without you all! <3

Lots of love,

– Julia

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Cover art & photography by Evi Abeler