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Free Pattern: Mini Unicorn Floatie Amigurumi

Title: Mini Unicorn Floatie Amigurumi Pattern

Affiliate Links Disclaimer:  This blog post contains affiliate links and I make a small commission off any purchase you make when you click on them.

Hello everyone! I know it’s been awhile since I released a pattern, I’ve had a bit of ‘crocheter’s block’ (is that a thing?) these past few months. I’m finally pulling myself out of it, and am working on a couple of other patterns I hope to release in the next month or two. 🙂
In the meantime, I am excited to share this little cutie with you all! The MIni Unicorn Floatie Amigurumi Pattern is quick and easy to make, and she makes a great companion to my Mini Flamingo Floatie. They aren’t quite big enough to take out on the lake, but you can always put your littlest dolls in them and pretend. 🙂
Scroll on down to find the free ad-supported pattern for the Mini Unicorn Floatie, as well as a link to purchase the premium PDF version.
And bonus! The Unicorn Floatie and the Flamingo Floatie have a similar base pattern (same donut ring, different head shape and neck length), so I have also bundled them together into a discounted premium PDF package – grab it here!


I designed the Mini Unicorn Floatie Amigurumi for the 16 Days of Summer Amigurumi Blog Hop, organized by Joy of Anvi’s Granny Handicrafts. For this event, I teamed up with 15 other designers and together we released 16 free summery amigurumi patterns between May 1-16, 2021.

This event is now over, but you can still find the free ad-supported pattern below or purchase an ad-free PDF copy for a low cost. You can also visit the blog hop round-up post at Anvi’s Granny Handicrafts to see all the other patterns from the event!

Download an Ad-Free PDF Copy of the Mini Unicorn Floatie Amigurumi Pattern

Do you like my Mini Unicorn Floatie Amigurumi Pattern? If so, please consider purchasing a copy of the premium PDF version for a small cost. The premium crochet pattern PDF is available for purchase on my website pattern shop, Ravelry, and Etsy, and includes 14 pages of pictures and detailed instructions to make your very own Mini Unicorn Floatie.

Premium Pattern Benefits: No ads, professionally formatted PDF, extra making-of photos, available offline and easy to print

Benefits Include:

– Ad-free & professionally formatted PDF of the pattern instructions, perfect for printing or downloading to your mobile devices

– Extra making-of photos not included in the free version below

In addition to the benefits above, your support will be greatly appreciated and will help me to continue designing and offering these free patterns to you!

Visit the links below to purchase your ad-free premium copy of my Mini Unicorn Floatie Amigurumi Pattern!

6 small crochet figures sitting on a beach: a crab, a pineapple with pink sunglasses, a palm tree, a flamingo floatie, a sea turtle, and a purple jellyfish

Tropical Beach Mini Amigurumi Series

Wondering who are the little cuties hanging out with my jellyfish at the beach above? That’s my gang  of Tropical Beach Mini Amigurumis! They and my jellyfish are all part of my Tropical Beach Mini Amigurumi pattern series. Click below to learn more about the other patterns in this series, and to find some special bundle deals!

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Mini Unicorn Floatie Amigurumi Pattern

Who doesn’t love relaxing on a unicorn floatie as you soak in the rays on a warm summer day? Unfortunately this unicorn floatie isn’t big enough to bring on your next beach holiday, but she is still pretty darned cute I think! 

Skill Level


Finished Dimensions

Approx. 3” wide & 3” tall, including horn and tail

Supplies Needed

Optional Keychain:

Terms & Abbreviations

All details below are based on US crochet terms.
  • Mc: Magic Circle
  • Ch: Chain
  • Sl: Slip Stitch
  • Sc: Single Crochet
  • Inc: Increase
  • 3Inc: Work 3 stitches into the same space
  • Dec: Decrease – I recommend using the Invisible Decrease

Pattern Notes

You will be working in a continuous spiral throughout, except for the hair and tail pieces. Use a stitch marker and do not join rounds or turn (unless otherwise stated).

When reading the pattern, (_,_)*x means that you repeat the instructions in the bracket “x” number of times. For example, (Sc 1, Inc)*6 means to repeat (Sc 1, Inc) 6 times. The number in brackets at the end of each row is the total number of stitches you will have when you finish that row.

Pattern Instructions

Donut Ring

Using white:

Round 1: Ch 24

Round 2: Join to the first Ch with a Sc to form a circle. Sc into the remaining 23 chain stitches (24)

Round 3: (Sc 3, Inc)*6 (30)

Round 4: (Sc 4, Inc)*6 (36)

Round 5: (Sc 5, Inc)*6 (42)

Round 6: (Sc 6, Inc)*6 (48)

Rounds 7-8: Sc around (48)

Round 9: (Sc 6, Dec)*6 (42)

Round 10: (Sc 5, Dec)*6 (36)

Round 11: (Sc 4, Dec)*6 (30)

Round 12: (Sc 3, Dec)*6 (24)

Finish off, leaving a very long end. Flatten the donut ring and use the long end to sew the the middle hole together. Stuff the donut ring firmly as you go. Don’t leave the stuffing to the end, it will be too hard to get the stuffing in!


Using white:

Round 1: Sc 6 in a Magic Circle (6)

Round 2: Sc 2, Inc*2, Sc 2 (8)

Round 3: Sc around (8)

Round 4: Sc 4, Inc*2, Sc 2 (10)

Round 5: Sc 5, Inc*2, Sc 3 (12)

Round 6: Sc 6, Inc*3, Sc 3 (15)

Round 7: (Sc 4, Inc)*3 (18)

Round 8: Sc around (18)

Round 9: Sc 1, Ch 6, skip over next three stitches, Sc 14 (15 + 6 chains – this will create a gap that you will work into when you make the neck)

Round 10: Sc 1, Sc into each of the 6 Ch stitches from Round 9, Sc 14 (21)

Insert the safety eyes now, between Rounds 6 and 7 and evenly spaced around the face. To work out the correct placement, I stuck my finger in the neck hole and held up the head like a finger puppet. 🙂 This helped me see where everything should go and how it would look once stuffed.

Round 11: (Sc 1, Dec)*7 (14)

Round 12: Dec*7 (7)

Finish off and close up the hole. You can start stuffing the head through the neck hole now, and continue to add more as you make the neck.


To make the neck, you will be working into the gap in the head that you made in Round 9. The gap consists of the 6 chains you made in that round, plus the 3 skipped stitches. In addition to these stitches, I also worked into the corners on either side of the chain – otherwise you end up with holes in the corners! Therefore in total you are working into 11 spaces in the first round (6 chains + 3 skipped stitches + 2 corners = 11). (see Figure 1 below)

Insert your hook and yarn into the corner before the 6 chains. Your first stitch of Round 1 will go into this corner space. You will be working clockwise from here.

Stuff the neck as you go.

Using white:

Round 1: Sc into Corner 1, Sc 6, Sc into Corner 2, Sc 3 (11)

Rounds 2-6: Sc around (11)

Finish off, leaving a long end, and finish stuffing the neck. Leave the bottom of the neck open.

Figure 1


Using light yellow or light grey:

Round 1: Sc 4 in a Magic Circle (4)

Rounds 2-3: Sc around (4)

Round 4: Inc, Sc 3 (5)

Rounds 5-6: Sc around (5)

Round 7: Inc, Sc 4 (6)

Finish off, leaving a long end. Stuff the horn.

Ears (Make 2)

Using white:

Work in rows. Ch 1 and turn at the end of each row, starting in Row 2.

Row 1: Ch 2

Row 2: Inc (2)

Row 3: Inc, Sc 1 (3)

Row 4: Inc, Sc 2 (4)

Finish off, leaving a long end. Weave the end from the tip of the ears down to the bottom. Be careful not to pull too tightly, you don’t want to distort the shape of the ear.

Sew the Unicorn Together

Pinch the tip of each ear and pin the base of the ear to the head, so it curves slightly forward.  Position the ears towards the top-back of the head and sew them on.

Pin the horn in the middle of the forehead then sew it in place.

Sew the neck to the donut ring using the leftover end from the neck. Weave in all ends.

Hair Pieces (Make 6)

Make one of each colour (red, orange, yellow, green, blue,  purple), or use desired colours:

Row 1: Ch 16

Row 2: Starting in the 2nd Ch from the hook, 3Inc into each stitch across (45)
*3Inc means work 3 stitches into the same space, instead of a normal Inc where you work 2 stitches in the same space. This creates the curl.

Finish off, leaving a long end.

Sew the hair pieces to the head. I placed the red piece in front of her left ear, then added each remaining colour from left to right across the back of her head. I layered them slightly so they are clustered close together.

Tail Pieces (Make 6)

Make one of each colour (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple), or use desired colours:
Row 1: Ch 9

Row 2: Starting in the 2nd Ch from the hook, Inc into each stitch across (16)

Finish off, leaving a long end.

Pin the purple piece to the back of the donut and stitch it in place. One by one, pin and sew on the remaining five colours. I sewed each piece slightly above the previous piece, and in some cases overlapping in the same spot so they stay clustered together.

Optional: Adding a Keychain

Read on if you’d like to turn your unicorn into a keychain. Otherwise, your Mini Unicorn Floatie is done!

To create a yarn loop for attaching the keychain:

Using white: Ch 11, then Sc into 2nd Ch from hook and Sc into the remaining 9 stitches (10)

Cut the yarn, leaving a long end.

The keychains I purchased consist of a split ring attached to a chain, and a separate open jump ring.  If you have something similar, follow my instructions for attaching an open jump ring to your unicorn.

If you have a keychain where the jump ring is already closed and can’t be easily opened, then skip to my instructions for attaching a closed jump ring to your unicorn.

If you have an OPEN jump ring on your keychain:  

Join the yarn into a loop and stitch it securely to the unicorn. To attach the keychain, insert the open jump ring through the chain of the keychain and then through the yarn loop you just made. Use pliers to close the jump ring tightly.

If you have a CLOSED jump ring on your keychain:

Do not sew the chains into a loop or stitch it to the unicorn yet. First, run the yarn through the jump ring. Then you can go ahead and sew the yarn into a loop and stitch it securely to your unicorn.

a small crochet unicorn floatie with rainbow coloured hair and tail

I hope you enjoy this pattern, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to comment below or email me.

And if you made your own Mini Unicorn Floatie I would love to see a picture on Instagram! Make sure to tag me so I don’t miss it, @waywardpineapplecreations.

© Wayward Pineapple Creations | Julia Simpson  This pattern and all related images are copyright protected. You may sell items made from my patterns, but please do not copy/paste, distribute, or alter the pattern and claim it as your own.

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