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Free Pattern: Mini Palm Tree Amigurumi

Title: Mini Palm Tree Amigurumi Pattern

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The sixth and final pattern in my Tropical Beach Mini Amigurumi Patterns series is probably the most iconic of all tropical imagery… the palm tree! After all, what says ‘the tropics’ more than the image of palm trees rustling gently in the warm ocean breeze, on a beautiful sandy beach? (Can you tell I am missing travel??) Well, this palm tree may not sway in the breeze, but it’s still pretty darned cute and it will definitely make your house feel a little more tropical! Plus, no need to water it, which is a bonus if you’re a plant killer like me.

Like my other mini dolls, this palm tree would make the perfect addition to a child’s toy playset, or to hang from a mobile in a beach-themed nursery. Or you could just make a few as fake greenery decor!

My Mini Palm Tree Amigurumi Pattern is available for free in this post, or you can purchase an ad-free PDF copy for a few dollars in my shop, on Etsy, or on Ravelry. If you have the means, please consider grabbing a copy of the PDF version! You will get an awesome premium version of the pattern, plus you will be supporting me so I can keep designing patterns for you. Click here for more details!

Download an Ad-Free PDF Copy of the Mini Palm Tree Amigurumi Pattern

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In addition to the benefits above, your support will be greatly appreciated and will help me to continue designing and offering these free patterns to you!

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6 small crochet figures sitting on a beach: a crab, a pineapple with pink sunglasses, a palm tree, a flamingo floatie, a sea turtle, and a purple jellyfish

Tropical Beach Mini Amigurumi Series

Wondering who are the little cuties hanging out with my palm tree at the beach above? That’s my gang  of Tropical Beach Mini Amigurumis! They and my palm tree are all part of my Tropical Beach Mini Amigurumi pattern series. Click below to learn more about the other patterns in this series, and to find some special bundle deals!

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Mini Palm Tree Amigurumi Pattern

Nothing quite evokes a tropical paradise like a palm tree. Soft sand beaches, clear blue waters, and above it all the breeze rustling gently through the palm trees… Sadly this cute little palm tree isn’t quite big enough to sway in the wind, but it will definitely still bring some tropical vibes into your life!

Skill Level


Finished Dimensions

Approx. 3″ tall

Supplies Needed

Optional Keychain:

Terms & Abbreviations

All details below are based on US crochet terms.
  • Mc: Magic Circle
  • Ch: Chain
  • Sl: Slip Stitch
  • Sc: Single Crochet
  • Inc: Increase
  • Dec: Decrease – I recommend using the Invisible Decrease
  • BLO: Crochet in the back loop only

Pattern Notes

You will be working in a continuous spiral for the head. Use a stitch marker and do not join rounds or turn (unless otherwise stated).

When reading the pattern, (_,_)*x means that you repeat the instructions in the bracket “x” number of times. For example, (Sc 1, Inc)*6 means to repeat (Sc 1, Inc) 6 times. The number in brackets at the end of each row is the total number of stitches you will have when you finish that row.

Pattern Instructions

Palm Tree Trunk

Using brown:

Round 1: Sc 6 in a a Magic Circle

Round 2: Inc*6 (12)

Round 3: (Sc 1, Inc)*6 (18)

Round 4: (Sc 2, Inc)*6 (24)

Round 5: BLO – Sc around (24)

Rounds 6-8: Sc around (24)

Round 9: BLO – (Sc 10, Dec)*2 (22)

Round 10: (Sc 9, Dec)*2 (20)

Rounds 11-12: Sc around (20)

Round 13: BLO – (Sc 8, Dec)*2 (18)

Round 14: Inc, Sc 4, Dec*4, Sc 4, Inc (16)

Rounds 15-16: Sc around (16)

Begin stuffing the trunk, and then continuing stuffing as you go.

Round 17: BLO – (Sc 6, Dec)*2 (14)

Round 18: Inc, Sc 2, Dec*4, Sc 2, Inc (12)

Rounds 19-20: Sc around (12)

Round 21: BLO – (Sc 4, Dec)*2 (10)

Round 22: (Sc 3, Dec)*2 (8)

Rounds 23-24: Sc around (8)

Finish off and close up the hole. Weave in all ends.

Leaves (Make 5)

Round 1 is the base of the leaves, and Round 16 is the tip.

Using green and leaving a long end:

Round 1: Ch 6

Round 2: Join to the first Ch with a Sc to form a circle. Sc into the remaining 5 chain stitches. (6)

Round 3: (Sc 1, Inc)*3 (9)

Round 4: Sc around (9)

Round 5: (Sc 2, Inc)*3 (12)

Rounds 6-8: Sc around (12)

Round 9: (Sc 4, Dec)*2 (10)

Round 10: Sc around (10)

Round 11: (Sc 3, Dec)*2 (8)

Round 12: Sc around (8)

Round 13: (Sc 2, Dec)*2 (6)

Round 14: Sc around (6)

Round 15: (Sc 1, Dec)*2 (4)

Round 16: Sc around (4)

Finish off, close up the hole, and weave in the end from Round 16.

Stuff the leaf through the other end, using a chopstick or similar to push the stuffing through the small opening.

Flatten the opening and use the end from Round 1 to sew it shut. Do not weave in this end yet, you will use it to sew the leaves together.

Assembling the Palm Tree

Sew the five leaves together in a star formation. Use the ends from Round 1 to sew the leaves together at the corners, and then stitch across the middle a few times to close up the hole. Weave in all the ends except one, which you will use to sew the leaves to the palm tree. See Figure 1 below.

Pin the leaves to the top of the palm tree trunk and stitch in place. Finish weaving in the ends. Read on if you’d like to make your palm tree into a keychain, otherwise you’re done!

Figure 1

Optional: Adding a Keychain

To create a yarn loop for attaching the keychain:

Using brown or green: Ch 11, then Sc into 2nd Ch from hook and Sc into the remaining 9 stitches (10)

Cut the yarn, leaving a long end.

The keychains I purchased consist of a split ring attached to a chain, and a separate open jump ring. If you have something similar, follow my instructions for attaching an open jump ring to your palm tree.

If you have a keychain where the jump ring is already closed and can’t be easily opened, then skip to my instructions for attaching a closed jump ring to your palm tree.

If you have an OPEN jump ring on your keychain: 

Join the yarn into a loop and stitch it securely to the palm tree.

To attach the keychain, insert the open jump ring through the chain of the keychain and then through the yarn loop you just made. Use pliers to close the jump ring tightly.

If you have a CLOSED jump ring on your keychain:

Do not sew the chains into a loop or stitch it to the palm tree yet. First, run the yarn through the jump ring. Then you can go ahead and sew the yarn into a loop and stitch it securely to your palm tree.

a small crochet palm tree toy held up against a white background

I hope you enjoy this pattern, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to comment below or email me.

And if you made your own Mini Palm Tree I would love to see a picture on Instagram! Make sure to tag me so I don’t miss it, @waywardpineapplecreations.

© Wayward Pineapple Creations | Julia Simpson  This pattern and all related images are copyright protected. You may sell items made from my patterns, but please do not copy/paste, distribute, or alter the pattern and claim it as your own.

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