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Crochet Pattern Round-Up: 15 Cheerful Crochet Flower Patterns to Create Your Own Garden!

To celebrate the coming of Spring, I’ve rounded up a list of beautiful flower amigurumi patterns to brighten up your day. Check out the designs below and make sure to visit the designers’ websites for information on how to access their patterns. Some of these patterns are free, some are paid, and some are a mixture of both (free with ads on their blog, and a premium paid PDF option).


Rainbow Flower Keychain Amigurumi Pattern

By Wayward Pineapple Creations

First up, my own contribution to this list – the Rainbow Flower Keychain! Full disclosure, I 100% designed this because I wanted to make a flower pattern round up but I didn’t have a flower pattern of my own to include. And then apparently I left this round-up post in my drafts for 3 years. Oops? Anyway, this cute rainbow flower can be used as a keychain or as decoration, and is perfect for celebrating Pride month this summer as well.

The Rainbow Flower Keychain Amigurumi Pattern is available for free (with ads) or as an ad-free PDF purchase on my blog.

Rainbow Flowers Amigurumi Pattern

By K & J Dolls

Next up, check out these adorable rainbow flowers by Sayjai at K & J Dolls. They are so cheerful and fun, plus anything rainbow is a plus in my books. Stick them in a pot and put them on your windowsill, they’re sure to add some joy into any room!

The Rainbow Flowers Amigurumi Pattern is available on Etsy and also in her Sunny Amigurumi paperback pattern book on Amazon.

Tulip Amigurumi Pattern

By Stitch by Fay

How adorable are these little tulips designed by Stitch by Fay? I love their little smiles! These tulips can be made with a closed stem, or you can leave the stem open and make them into pencil toppers!

The Tulip Amigurumi Pattern is available for free on Fay’s blog.

Sunflower Bouquet Amigurumi Pattern

By Krawka

I love all of Krawka’s designs, they are always super cute and detailed! These sunflowers are so bright and cheery, they make a perfect Mother’s Day or birthday gift.

The Sunflower Bouquet Amigurumi Pattern is available for free on Krawka’s blog.

Crochet Moth Orchid Pattern

By Pippa Patterns Crochet

Next up, I wanted to share something a bit different from the cute amigurumi-style flowers above. This Moth Orchid crochet pattern by Connie of Pippa Patterns Crochet is just stunning! Made with crochet thread and a small hook, all of her designs are incredibly detailed and realistic and I definitely recommend checking out the other patterns in her shop as well.

The Crochet Moth Orchid Pattern is available on Etsy.

Crochet Viola Pansy Pot Pattern

By Crazy4Crochet71

This pot of crocheted viola pansies designed by Lee at Crazy4Crochet71 is so cute and colourful! This is definitely my style of flower pot, easy to maintain and impossible to kill.

The Crochet Viola Pansy Pot Pattern is available on Etsy.

Tulip Flowerpot Pattern

By LilysLyric

I love this cute bunch of tulips in a flowerpot! It’s so cheerful and colourful, and would make a wonderful decoration in the kitchen. The last time I bought tulips they wilted almost instantly, so crochet tulips are the way to go I think!

The Tulip Flowerpot pattern is available on Etsy.

Hollyhock Crochet Flower Pattern

By Tanitka Lace

Another realistic crochet flower, this one by Tanitka Lace on Etsy. These hollyhocks are so gorgeous and delicate, as are the rest of her realistic flower patterns. I love the different shades of pinks and purples in these flowers. I’m honestly a bit intimidated by these lace crochet patterns, but they make a beautiful final product!

The Hollyhock Crochet Flower Pattern is available on Etsy.

May Flowers Pen Amigurumi Pattern

By Little Raven Fiber Arts

I just made this super cute May Flowers pattern by Brenna of Little Raven Fiber Arts, so I had to include it on this list! I made the tulip version and gave it to my aunt for her birthday, and she loves it. The flowers can act as a pen cover, or you can close up the ends and put stuffing and wire in the stem like I did. This is such a cute and clever idea, definitely check it out!

The May Flowers Pen Amigurumi Pattern is available for free on the Furls website.

Crochet Flower Pot Pattern

By Sewrella

Another cute and beautiful crochet flower pot, this one filled with hydrangeas! Designed by Ashleigh of Sewrella, this flower pot would make a wonderful gift for someone special in your life.

The Crochet Flower Pot Pattern is available for free on Sewrella’s blog.

Alstroemeria Crochet Pattern

By Happy Patty Crochet

I am continuously stunned by these realistic flower patterns made from crochet thread! This Alstroemeria pattern is made by Happy Patty Crochet, who has so many gorgeous patterns that it was hard to choose one. The colours in this one spoke to me, though, I love the way she blends the pink, white, and yellow.

The Alstroemeria Crochet Pattern is available to purchase on Etsy.

Sweet Spring Tulip Bulb Amigurumi Pattern

By Sweet Softies

How sweet is this little tulip bulb by Jade of Sweet Softies? It’s all ready to plant in your garden and you won’t even have to water it – it’s already flowering!

The Sweet Spring Tulip Bulb Amigurumi Pattern is available for free (with ads) on Sweet Softies’ blog or to purchase (ad-free) through her blog or Etsy.

Lavender Flower Crochet Pattern

By Pippa Patterns Crochet

I told myself I’d only include one pattern per designer in this list, but I couldn’t resist this pattern by Pippa Patterns Crochet. Lavender is my favourite! The smell is so soothing, and reminds me of trips to Provence as a child.

The Lavender Flower Crochet Pattern is available on Pippa Patterns Crochet’s Etsy shop.

Little Flower Crochet Pattern

By Wandering Deer

Look at this little cutie! Designed by Wandering Deer, this pattern is quick and easy and can be made in any combination of colours. Make yourself a garden full of them!

The Little Flower Crochet Pattern is available on Wandering Deer’s Instagram. Scroll through the photos to see the pattern instructions.

Easy Crochet Roses Pattern Pack

By Happy Patty Crochet

And finally, I couldn’t resist a second pattern by Happy Patty Crochet (technically, a second, third, and fourth), these roses are so delightful! The pack includes patterns for 3 different variations of rose – open, closed, and half-open.  They would make the perfect Valentine’s Day or birthday gift for a loved one – they’ll never wilt, so hopefully that’s a good sign that your relationship is forever? 🙂

The Easy Crochet Roses Pattern Pack is available on Etsy.

I hope you enjoyed this pattern round-up, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to comment below or email me. For specific questions about the individual patterns, please follow the above links to the designer pages and contact them directly.

And if you made your own Rainbow Flower I would love to see a picture on Instagram! Make sure to tag me so I don’t miss it, @waywardpineapplecreations. Likewise, if you make any of the other designs above I’m sure the designers would love to see your work. 🙂 Visit their pages for contact details!

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