Crochet Hatsune Miku

Switching gears from updating old dolls to my gallery, here’s a quick post with one of my most recent projects. My friend Alan’s birthday was last week, and he’s a big fan of the Japanese singing persona Hatsune Miku. Aside from it being his birthday, he’s also very kindly given me many a ride home from La Fontana after NerdHQ meetups, so it was time to give something back!

This is made straight from a pattern to be quite honest. I Googled all over and was surprised that there aren’t actually that many Miku crochet patterns considering how popular I gather she is. I found a few but none I liked. Eventually I came across this video, and in the comments I found a link to the actual pattern. Which was in Spanish. I hunted around but the only English version I could find was this one. I don’t really understand patterns that use symbols so honestly I just found it kinda confusing… In the end I found a list online of Spanish crochet terms, Google translated the regular text of the pattern, did a few ‘search and replaces’ in Word for the crochet terms, and created my own English pattern.  There were a few points that were a bit iffy with the translation, but otherwise it was easy enough. She was fun to make – my other recent projects have been a lot of repetition, so it was satisfying to make something where each piece was pretty small and completed quickly.