Wesley Wyndam-Pryce Crochet Doll

My main project right now is supposed to be making dolls for Vancouver FanExpo 2016 (in November), but I took a break to make a doll for myself that’s about 13 years overdue – Wesley Wyndam-Pryce from Buffy & Angel. Click on the cut below for more doll pictures and a lot of gushing about one of my all time favourite characters. Honestly this was largely an excuse for me to Google pictures and animated GIFs of Wes look bad-ass…

I was 16 and just starting grade 12 when I discovered Buffy the Vampire Slayer, after watching the season 7 premiere as it aired. I’d heard good things, and I was channel surfing, so I decided to check it out. I had no real idea what was going on, but I liked it and I went back and watched the first 6 seasons & seasons 1-3 of Angel to catch up. That was my first term of grade 12, marathoning Buffy and Angel thanks to old download services like Kazaa because they weren’t even on DVD yet and there was no other way to catch up. I caught up on both shows by December/January. It’s amazing I ever got into university, hah. I missed a few key episodes of Angel season 2, as well, because I just couldn’t find them (like Reunion, and I think Reprise as well – BIG ones, guys!).

I don’t recall at what point I completely fell in love with Wesley. I don’t have any strong memories of my feelings when he first showed up in Buffy season 3. Probably vague amusement combined with finding him a bit annoying, because let’s be honest, he’s not the most likable in Buffy season 3. At least not the first time through – in rewatches, I still love him because I understand where he’s coming from and I know where he will be going. I just rewatched season 3 and I wanted to give him a hug the entire time, because he tried his best and the Scoobies didn’t exactly give him a chance.

My adorable dork in season 3 of Buffy. Still looks suave and sexy with that sword. 😉
And then we moved on to Angel season 1 and got this. <3

 Definitely by the end of Angel season 1 I really liked the character, and by the time we got to late season 3 and into season 4 I was gone. I caught up to the show between 4.07 and 4.08 and watched the rest live, and I don’t think I’ve ever been as invested in a show or a character as I was at the time. Season 4 has its issues, I know, but Wesley’s character arc was so fascinating and well developed that it made up for some of the other crap in that season. I shipped the hell out of Wesley/Lilah, and on the fanfic side Wesley/Angel, and analyzed every episode and Wesley scene to death on my old Livejournal. I was obsessed, and I still consider Wesley to be without question my favourite character from the Jossverse.

This picture pretty much sums it up – character development in a nutshell. And it’s all completely organic from start to finish. He doesn’t just change into a badass overnight, it takes years to develop to the point where it makes total sense how he got from A to B.

So, fastforward years later, and my old obsession has risen its head again thanks to my friends Andrea and Amanda and their awesome Buffy podcast Tiny Fences. Amanda’s never seen the show and she’s about to meet Wesley, which is both exciting for me and nerve-wracking because I realize that season 3 of Buffy doesn’t exactly endear him to most people. But that usually changes when they get to Angel, so I will try to be patient! Amanda can’t read this post yet in any case, because spoilers (and if you are reading this, Amanda, then bad on you!).

And thus, I have at last made myself a Wesley doll. Season 4 Wesley, complete with sexy brown jacket, stubble, a gun, and yes, the scar. Bad-ass, dark, I’m-gonna-fuck-you-up, slightly unhinged Wesley. My favourite kind, although I also adore dorky lovable Wesley from the early seasons. Basically I love him always.

The pattern is based on patterns from the book ‘AmiguruME’ by Allison Hoffman. Check out her blog here, she has lots of cool stuff. I really like the book, it’s got techniques and ideas for making specific kinds of tops, pants, shoes, accessories, etc and it’s a great reference for designing dolls.

Ready for a fight. Because gun-wielding Wesley will never not be hot.

Case in point

Case in point 2 (the way he caresses that rifle… does things to me)

And of course he wouldn’t be season 4 Wesley without the scar!

“I had my throat slit and all my friends abandoned me.” My baby. 🙁

 For the old shipper in me…

They just both look so angry lol. But also cuddly.

 Then Spike wanted in on the action (he’s a very simple doll I made back at Halloween to bring with me to a local Once More with Feeling sing-along, since I was dressing as Buffy).

Yeah I’ve definitely read this fanfic.

I kind of want to make a Lilah, too, because they are my forever AtS OTP. But first, I have lots of Star Wars dolls to make for FanExpo! Maybe one day.

Hope you enjoyed my Wesley love session and the doll. 🙂 I enjoyed making him and it’s nice to finally have a doll version of one of my favourite characters of all time. I’m re-watching season 5 right now, and will definitely need to cuddle him coming up. Anyway that’s all for now, thanks for reading!