Treasure Chest Giveaway

Image of a cartoon treasure chest with the words 'Amigurumi Treasure Chest Giveaway'
The Amigurumi Treasure Chest is now closed! Sign up below to find out when it will open again, with all-new treasure inside…
What was the Amigurumi Treasure Chest Giveaway?

This event ran from Sept 20-24, 2021 and featured over 20 free amigurumi patterns by designers from around the world.To access the Treasure Chest, users could sign up for the hidden URL and then subscribe to individual designer newsletters for exclusive free patterns.
This year was the first-ever Amigurumi Treasure Chest Giveaway, and the event was a huge success with over 1500 participants! While this event is over, I’ll definitely be running another one someday in the future… so stay tuned, and join my newsletter to learn when the next event will be!