Julia’s Crochet Dolls – Doctor Who

My first crochet project – TARDIS! I didn’t really know what I was doing, ie. I never flipped my work so that the good side was facing out, so the entire thing is the wrong side. I didn’t even realize at the time that there WAS a right vs wrong side. And the embroidery is… kinda special.

Another early project – an Ood! For a friend who really liked the Ood. I used a Cthulhu pattern as a base (this one from Cthulhu Crochet to be exact) and then kinda just winged it as I went.

Another early doll, the 11th Doctor using Pixelated Mushroom’s 11th Doctor pattern
 10th and 11th Doctors for FanExpo Vancouver 2014 (they were bought by two young sisters, it was super cute)
Smaller 11th Doctor for FanExpo Vancouver 2015

Smaller 10th Doctor for FanExpo Vancouver 2015
Larger 10th and 11th Doctors for FanExpo Vancouver 2015 (the design for these is inspired by the Pixelated Mushroom ones, but they’re actually fairly different when you see them in person – different shaped feet, and they’re smaller and less cuddly/floppy. I wrote them up from scratch, but since I’d made a few of her dolls before, the look was definitely inspired by them)

Jack Harkness doll for FanExpo Vancouver 2015
Little TARDIS – made for a friend’s birthday
Sonic Screwdriver – for my geeky friend’s baby shower! Because it’s never too young to teach her daughter to be the next Doctor. Pattern from Louie’s Loops.

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