Julia’s Crochet Dolls – Marvel

Roughly chronological from older to newer. The older ones are more likely to be made from someone else’s pattern (I’ve included links/credit for all of those ones), or to be lopsided. Or both.

Older dolls

My first Captain America doll – based on Pixelated Mushroom’s Doctor Who dolls pattern
Loki – made using this pattern


Thor and Loki hanging out
Iron Man
Captain America – he ended up a bit chubby lol… oops!
Tony and Steve hanging out

FanExpo 2014 dolls – these were all for sale at our FanExpo Vancouver booth in 2014

Bucky / The Winter Soldier

Captain America
Bucky and Steve <3

FanExpo 2015 dolls – these were all for sale at our FanExpo Vancouver booth in 2015

Captain America Minion – I decided partway through the con that I couldn’t bear to sell him because he’s too cute, so I stuck a sold sign on him and kept him. 😉


Thor and Loki

Captain America – a definite improvement over the first couple… this little guy didn’t sell and I think I’ll just keep him for myself now, I’ve become attached to him. 😉

Bucky / The Winter Soldier

Steve and Bucky
Baby Groot! I made 2 large Groots that were wired and stuck into real pots, and 5 small Groots that are just cuddly and have nothing pointy or hard. The first large Groot was made using a dark brown yarn because that’s what I had in the house, but I didn’t really like how it turned out so I made the rest with a light brown which I think looks better. 
I made 4 of the small Groots to start with, and had sold 3 of them by the end of the first day… so I spent all of day 2 at the booth frantically making one more (all 5 were gone by Sunday). Groot was super popular!  

Misc others

Rogue from X-Men (commission)
 Wolverine – birthday present for a friend

Thor Minion – birthday present for another friend

Thor Minion and Captain America Minion!



 My first Groot, made from this pattern at Smartapple Creations. It was maybe 2 weeks after the movie came out, and my friend’s birthday was coming up – and she LOVED Groot. So I googled ‘crochet Groot’ out of curiousity, thinking no way had someone already made a doll never mind a pattern… and this popped up. Yay! My video of her opening the doll and screaming is one of my favourite things. 😉

Ok this isn’t really a crochet doll but I think he’s cute… I got a stuffed moose given to me by some supplier at work (this is what happens when your job is selling tours in Canada!) and for whatever reason I decided to A. name him Bucky, and B. crochet him a little Winter Soldier arm and give him a mask. He lives in my desk drawer at work and makes me happy. Bucky Moose!!

That’s it for now, but stay tuned! I have a few nifty Avengers-related projects coming soon…

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