Can you believe it’s already December? Me neither! With the holidays fast approaching, my yearly procrastination on gift-making is rapidly catching up with me. Once again, it seems that in spite of my best intentions I’m going to end up frantically crocheting gifts up until the last minute!

If that sounds like you, then I have an exciting gift that you’re going to love! From Dec 1 – Dec 7 I am hosting a Amigurumi Stocking Stuffer Blog Hop. Myself and 13 other Amigurumi designers will be releasing daily adorable and FREE Amigurumi patterns that are perfect for last minute gift-making. I’m so excited to bring you all these fantastic patterns, and I’m sure you will fall in love with them as well!

Read on to learn more about how the blog hop works, and to discover the discounted bundle package you can purchase right now if you just can’t wait to get your hands on these patterns!

What is a blog hop and how does it work?

If you’ve never heard of a blog hop before, essentially it is a collaboration between multiple bloggers/designers/etc where every day a different person is featured. I am the host of the Amigurumi Stocking Stuffer Blog Hop, and I have collaborated with 13 other Amigurumi designers to bring you 14 FREE daily patterns during the 7-day event.

Every day from Dec 1 – Dec 7 I will be featuring two Amigurumi designers in this blog post. Each designer will offer a premium ad-free pattern PDF download for free on their feature day only. The daily features will run for 24 hours from 08:00 EST – 08:00 EST the next day. For example, my feature day is Dec 1, so my pattern will be free from 08:00 EST on Dec 1 to 08:00 EST on Dec 2.

Make sure to bookmark this page and return every day so you don’t miss a pattern, or join my newsletter below to get daily updates on the newest feature. (You’ll also get a free Invisible Colour Change PDF tutorial when you sign up, as an added bonus!)

(Psssst, I have a secret  – don’t want to come back every day to get all the patterns? Scroll to the bottom of this post for a special offer that I think you’ll love!)


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How do I get my free patterns?

Every day you will follow these steps to access the two free daily patterns. I’ve also made a handy infographic below to summarize the steps!


Step 1: Visit this page to find the day's featured patterns

Every day I will update this Blog Hop post with the daily featured patterns. Each day’s feature will be released at 08:00 EST and will be available free for 24 hours. Scroll down to find the feature section!

Step 2: Go to the designer's site

In the daily feature section below, find the link to the designer’s blog post and visit their website.

Step 3: Find the Download button

Each designer’s blog post will include one or both of the below Download buttons, which will direct you to their Ravelry store or personal website shop.

Step 4: Apply the coupon code LASTMINUTEGIFTS

Click the purchase button, then upon checkout apply the coupon code LASTMINUTEGIFTS to reduce the pattern cost to $0. Download your PDF, and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry, I promise the patterns are free on their feature day! When you go to the designer’s Ravelry shop or personal pattern shop, there will be a cost showing when you click purchase/Buy It Now. You must apply the coupon code LASTMINUTEGIFTS on the purchase page/checkout screen to reduce the cost to $0.

If you are downloading from Ravelry, click the Buy It Now button and then click “Use a Coupon Code”. If you are on a designer’s personal pattern shop and cannot find the place to enter the coupon, please contact that designer directly for instructions.

Make sure that you are typing the coupon code in correctly, and that it is all caps. If you copy and paste this it should work: LASTMINUTEGIFTS.

Also check that you are trying to download the pattern within the valid 24-hour period. Each designer’s pattern is only available for free from 08:00 EST on their feature day until 08:00 EST the next day. If you miss the feature day and still want the pattern, be sure to check out the Pattern Bundle deal to access all 14 patterns at a a special discounted price!

Each pattern file is a PDF, which can be opened in various programs such as Adobe Reader. If you are having trouble opening the file on your particular device, I recommend doing a Google search for ‘how to open PDF files on ___your device___”.

If you’re late to the party and missed a couple of patterns that you wanted, no worries! I’ve put together a special Pattern Bundle deal featuring all 14 patterns at a super low discounted price of only $8. That’s just $0.57 per pattern! Scroll down for more details.

Today's Feature Patterns: Day 7 - December 7

Crochet Flexagon Fidget Toy

By YarnAndy

This amigurumi flexagon is a fidget toy that can be turned forever. It is usually made from paper, but this one is made of soft yarn and will bring lots of joy to kids and adults alike.

Amigurumi Snowman Ornament

By Bluu Bunny Crochet

This adorable amigurumi snowman is a perfect stocking stuffer, and will look super cute hanging on your tree!

IMPORTANT DOWNLOAD INFORMATION: The following link leads to Bluu Bunny Crochet’s Instagram account. To access the pattern, click on the Linktree link in her profile. The top link in her Linktree will take you to the pattern on Ravelry.

Previous Feature Days

Day 6 - December 6

Amigurumi Hot Cocoa Gnome Ornament

By Crafty Kitty Crochet

Christmas Mouse Amigurumi

By Alexa Fedorova

Day 5 - December 5

Unicorn Ornament

By Simply Melanie Jane

Snowfall Bauble

By Morine's Shop

Day 4 - December 4

Gene the Gingerbread Man

By Crafting at the Poole

Bart the Bear

By Cute & Cozy Crochet

Day 3 - December 3

Joe the Yeti

By Lulu Loop Amigurumi Designs

Ayla the Mini Mermaid

By Chai Coffee Crochet

Day 2 - December 2

Christmas Tree Ornament

By Anvi's Granny Handicrafts

Tiny Dinosaur Amigurumi

By Green Fox Farms Designs

Day 1 - December 1

Santa Flamingo Christmas Ornament

By Wayward Pineapple Creations

Santa's Bag and Christmas Gifts

By Octopus Crochet

Amigurumi Stocking Stuffer Pattern Bundle

Miss a few days of the blog hop, or don’t want to return every day to download the free patterns? Don’t leave yet! I have something exciting just for you. 🙂 From December 1 – December 20 you can get all 14 adorable amigurumi patterns right away in the Amigurumi Stocking Stuffer Pattern Bundle! Not only will you have access to all the patterns without waiting, but you’ll also get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you’re supporting handmade designers and helping them to keep making the patterns that you love. 

This fantastic bundle is on sale for a limited time at only $8 – that’s an 80% discount off the total retail value of the patterns! 

Don’t wait, download your copy and get started on your Christmas gifts today!