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Julia Simpson

Julia is a Vancouver-based crochet designer with a love of all things sci-fi and geeky. She first learned to crochet in 2011 after watching a friend crocheting a stuffed doll and deciding to re-awaken her childhood dream job of designing stuffed toys. Now she enjoys making dolls in her spare time of her favourite characters from fandoms such as the Avengers, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones. She’s also started delving more into the world of cosplay in recent years, and enjoys learning new techniques and improving her sewing skills.

When she’s not sitting in front of the TV with hook and yarn in hand, or running around dressed as someone else, Julia works as a travel consultant specializing in inbound travel to Canada and Alaska. Her work takes her all around Canada – and her crochet Baby Groot can usually be found with her! Check out her Instagram below to follow the exploits of Baby Groot as he travels Canada and, on occasion, the rest of the world.

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