We Know Nothing: Monologues of Ice and Fire Pictures

Last weekend I went to see We Know Nothing: Monologues of Ice and Fire, a Vancouver-produced comedy show featuring my blanket! The show was very entertaining and lovingly poked fun at Game of Thrones. My blanket got to hang out on stage for the entire show, draped over the chair that seated ‘George RR Martin’. Well the actor playing him, at any rate – I can only dream that one day the real one would sit on it. 😉 Anyway, I got a few pictures after the show of me with my Jon & Daenerys dolls sitting in the chair, plus there’s some official photos below of ‘George’ in the chair (thanks to the producer Keegan for sending me these!).

Photo shoot on stage after the show!

“George RR Martin” (sort of) sitting with my blanket

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