2015 FanExpo Vancouver Booth

For the 2015 FanExpo Vancouver convention, Erika and I decided to have a booth for just the two of us. We lucked out and the table next to us was empty, so we were able to spread out! We had a great time and met tons of cool people who came by the table. We managed to make a bit of money to boot, so it was a very successful weekend.

Our table for the 2015 FanExpo Vancouver convention.

This year we had a lot more merchandise. We learned from 2014 as to what items were big sellers, so we could focus on what we thought would sell the best. It’s always a risk though, as you are never really sure what fandoms are the most popular at that time. We quickly figured out that Groots and anything Guardians of the Galaxy related were extremely popular. Using my crochet Game of Thrones blanket as a backdrop behind the table was a smart move. It drew in a lot of people passing by!

Hawkeye manning the table.


One of the best things about being at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre for FanExpo is the view!

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